There are 3 differents waves in the bay:
  • Gunturs - A right with 3 sections that has several barrels. It's a swell magnet working all the time. It's a barrels machine.
  • Lolok Point - An incredible freight train left that appears with a good overhead swell... There are several sections that wrap around the point of the island with a number of barrels.
  • Dindos- A perfect left for maneuver.
  • There are other waves on Bangkaru Island - Approximately 40 min by boat.
  • Treasure Island - The pearl of the Banyak Islands - a right with 3 tube sections...
  • Cobra- An unbelievable barreling left in a beautiful setting.
  • Turtle- Easy left, perfect for intermediate level.
  • There are, of course some secret spots we can go to if you are nice.


    The resort is located ideally so you can hang out in the bay or take a tour around the mangroves. Simply magnificent! Each room gets your own canoe to go exploring!


    All you have to do is jump out of your room to find yourself in the midst of incredible reefs and small fish of many colors. We can also bring you to visit other reefs in the Banyak archipelado. Snorkeling gear are available at the resort.


    You can also fish straight from your private terrace or from a kayak. For those who love big fish, we can bring you on a fishing trip out at sea to do offshore trolling or speargun fishing. (speargun is not included).

    After Surf:

    The best time of day! After a long day of surf in the sun, you can relax watching the sunset while you enjoy our bar.

    Island Hopping:

    We can visit all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful piece of nature filled with deserted islands and the surrounding small villages.
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